2015 is not only the a years when Delphia Yacht is celebrating its 25th anniversary of foundation. Exactly 10 years ago Polish Regatta Association Delphia 24 was extablished.

The concept for the Delphia 24 One Design was devised in association with the Polish Regatta Association and is unique insofar that it was designed from the ground up to meet a specific requirement for speed and superlative nautical properties.

The responsibility of meeting this demanding criteria was the task of world-renowned nautical designer, Andrzej Skrzat. This yacht combines the major characteristics of two types of vessel – a swing-keel recreational craft and a pure-bred racing yacht, perfect for training and regattas. Chief characteristics comprise quick responsiveness, manoeuvrability and ease of use. Its excellent durability derives from the hull being constructed using the vacuum laminate infusion method using only the best composite materials. The advanced construction of the hull meets the standards for YSI integrated structuring and guarantees the planing capabilities of the Delphia 24 One Design.

Following its launch in 2005, the popularity of the D24 One Design led to the establishment of the Delphia 24 Regatta Association as well as other sailing initiatives worldwide.

In 2015 regattas of Delphia 24 One Design were held during 8 weekends starting from May until the middle of September.